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Investment or Collective sale ..

Collective Sale or Enbloc Sale allows Owners to sell their properties for a lot more than they could fetch by selling individually in the open market. It allows Owners to convert the unused land or development potential in their property development into cash. Enbloc Sale also allows Owners to cash out of their property investment for other newer and larger properties or re-invest in other forms of higher yield investments


    Thinking of Enbloc ?





You are sitting on a sizable plot of old bungalow or land and now wanted to assess its current land value or development potential and perhaps converting it into cash

You live in an old walkup apartment and your neighbours are talking about Enbloc .. Now you decided to know more about Enbloc Sale and how we can help

You have gone thru many rounds of Collective Sale and want to revive it once again ..
but do not know how ??


We provide more information for you here in the links below...


1)    What is Enbloc Sale ?

2)   Why owners go for Enbloc sale?

3)   Land Titles ( Strata ) Act

4Our Track Records and Services

5)   Assess my prioperty for En bloc potential



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